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Diaspora Relief

 Humanity First, The Rest Later

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Coverage in the NYT

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This is the power of community writ large.

On March 7th, legendary hip-hop ensembled The LOX and Co-Founder of Onnit Supplements Aubrey Marcus shared the GoFundMe.

Eleven hours later, DiasporaRelief hit $10,000.00.

Click here to see the post on IG.

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Why Should I Care?

Hundreds of black medical students are under siege in Sumy, Ukraine. Without immediate assistance, they are doomed.

Phase One Is Complete

Phase One: Making The Invisible Visible saw the team document, verify and validate the stories from the students on the ground. Coverage of this story is now in all of the major news networks including the NYT, National Post, and CBC. 

Phase Two recognizes that the time for talking is over. Your donation will ensure that black students fleeing Sumy, Ukraine will be able to cover all unanticipated costs as they risk their lives to safety in the coming weeks.

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How Might We Evacuate?

March 2, 2022

Can’t use the roads; they’ll put a gun in your face and send you back where you came from.

Can’t use the bridges; they’ve been destroyed to prevent the Russians from quickening their advance.

Definitely can’t fly out; the airspace is perhaps the most dangerous option at this point. There are even reports of The Red Cross being tossed...

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We are committed to full transparency, and have a process for validating requests from individuals in need of help. We are also keeping a tally of banking and wire transactions, which we are happy to provide at any time (with personal identification of the recipients removed).

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